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Friday, December 23, 2011

Brain Aid!

Hello All!

Things have been rough over the last few months, so while and until I compose a decent and thoughtful blog entry, here is the latest on the fundraising support.
The fundraising artistic competition calls for;

'budding or established artists to submit their interpretation of the human brain'

We're excited to be a part of this little project. Mainly because they're interests David was and is very passionate about: the artistic interpretation portrayed onto something as simple as canvas and then getting it onto a tee-shirt. So simple. And of course the theme being totally related to David's case and cause. Please read up on This is a Plain Tee for more info on the concept and the project.

Thanks to Julia and Andy at This is a Plain Tee for getting on board and basically taking charge of the whole operation. And to the gentlemen at Black Coffee Lyrics for instigating and thinking proactive.

Thanks for the thoughts and the prayers.
Keep well and we hope to see some more friendly faces in the new year.


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