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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brain Aid- Exhibition Opening


That's right amigos, next Wednesday September 26, we're holding the first Brain Aid - life as we know it, art exhibition. Thanks to Community Hart, Black Coffee Lyrics, and This Is A Plain Tee (Cubic Collective) for helping to support and guide Brain Aid, but most importantly to the talented individuals whom have demonstrated interest into this unique project. As Brain Aid was inspired by David Montoya, a very creative and passionate individual, this event will be a celebration to the many creative folk out there doing what they love to do, make art! And we look forward to sharing this special evening with you all!

To make this even more special, contributions and donations raised through Brain Aid will be directed to Scott Trevelyan- Willowbank Studio. Scott is an ABI survivor himself and has established a space to support other people with brain injuries through art therapy, by facilitating workshops free of charge.  Have a look at his website for his full story and artwork scott-trevelyan.com Thank you Scott.
Much Love

Also, check out the BRAIN AID facebook page for event details and other cool brain stuff.