Dave's Cancer Fund

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Dave Montoya - Memorial Jam

Join us for a sunset session at Pizzy Skatepark as we celebrate
in style the life of David Montoya!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Farewell: Gone but not forgoten

In good company, and with omens regulating.

After a long struggle and a good fight, David died peacefully on Sunday 22 January, 2012. There is a degree of significance to all moments of our lives. David valued and believed it so, that they manifested in the world around him ’til his very last day. Symbolic birds, calendar dates, the weather, the new moon and the friends who gathered to share in Dave's final dance gives reason to celebrate his life more so.
It rained for nearly two weeks. While it gave reason to mourn, rain is symbolic of nourishing new beginnings, helping to water the seeds that he helped sow so that someone could bear their fruits. Even if through learning through our mistakes.
This is why we will continue to support creatively inspired projects like BRAIN AID-life as we know it, which is aimed to help and better understand loved ones in need, and our role in supporting them. Finding that they give us meaning and purpose, and that we honour their memory through a continuation of our good deeds and most importantly, our way of living. Of course the proceeds of the event will be going to other charitable causes and or individuals but is still yet to be decided.

This last year David had experienced buckets of hardship, pain and suffering; all due a series of unfortunate events. Of course he didn't dwell on these, so neither did we. I ask myself if that was such a wise idea, as in not sharing the full experience of David's journey. I guess that was for those closest to him to experience and know. Everyone else that knew him, or knew of him, got something just as special.

Some words from the ceremony:

'David possessed a wisdom beyond his years. His truths lay in his actions; his Humility, his Creativity, his Compassion, his Humour, and his Love. An inspired and pure soul, his consciousness and virtue will remain forever in his peace, and in the hearts of those who love him.'

'Take the time to make everyone you meet happy that you were there. The easy way to do this is to just be interested in them; to make them feel good about who they are. When you do this, people will defend you with their very life, because you gave them something that they could not give themselves; appreciation.' Rod C

David Montoya
14 July 1986 - 22 January 2012

Lived with peace and gusto.
Thank you and goodbye.

Lived with peace and gusto.
Thank you and good-by.

Thank you Joe for the lovely words and images