Dave's Cancer Fund

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hello Friend

Dave the ice fiend
Hello friend,
Second visit to the 'land of opportunity', where we continue to seek long term healing and a a chance of a healthy cancer free life. This time we've traveled to Houston, Texas where David has been accepted and is now enrolled in Phase III clinical trials for Antineoplastons at the Burzynski Clinic. Dr. Burzynski is known for his work in targeted Gene Therapy a.k.a Antineoplastons, to which he has and continues to have great success on patients with brain tumors.

We've been here four weeks and our adventures have been limited as the treatment is more taxing than previously thought. Otherwise I'd say... hey, maybe expect a visit from us if you're near by! We could be here for a few months but that all depends on scans and of course money.

Currently we live in the house of a kind man and his dog in west Houston.

I feel that giving you a heads up might be a good idea as it is not like last time. Our days involve making sure David gets his iv treatments at the right hours- every four hours he gets a dose (around the clock 24-7) making this treatment more involved than others. Changing iv bags 3 times a day, taking blood for regular blood tests 3 times a week, and also to make sure he gets his oral medication at the right times.

The side effects of Antineoplaston treatment is that it is symptomatic. In other words, it's as if he was doing not so well. Keeping that in mind, we're hoping that just means that something good is going on and the treatment is working.

If you're curious but hesitant in asking, Dave has his ups and downs. Side effects/symptoms include: his speech/speaking slurred and slow at times, eyes and vision sometimes blurred and doubled. Mobility wise, since the seizure day, his left arm has been quite stiff and weak and not as responsive and his balance is inconsistent, and generally he feels fatigued, but he has his good days and we remain hopeful for good results. For the most part his mobility is what's most visible. To help with that we are trying to incorporate some relaxing-stretching movement type exercises and of course the daily 20km walk.

Aside from David appearing worse for wear, he says he's feeling okay. He's keeps himself preoccupied with drinking between six to eight liters of water per day! This is because the treatment is sodium (salt) based and makes him extremely thirsty- imagine ten dry pretzels thirsty! So he's constantly peeing, every 30-40 minutes constant. So again, quite involved.

These are trying times and Dave is needing a little more of a helping hand than usual. Other than the above mentioned... we -especially Dave, look forward to hearing from you. As a friend I'm sure you'll make even a little effort to pop him an email/msg/text with some words of encouragement.

Being considerate of someones privacy is usually of the up-most importance with us, but we would still like you to know how things are going, so I've included as much info without too much detail so as not to bore or offend you. I hope I've accomplished this. Please let me know if I've missed or if you want me to expand on anything and I will gladly do my darnedest to include it next time I write to you.

Thank you.

Daniel xo