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Monday, July 18, 2011

Good News & Salsa Night!

Hola Amigos,

This update is a mix bag relating to both Dave's progress and Amigo's fundraising efforts.
I'm happy to say that Dave was overjoyed in receiving the kind birthday wishes via facebook and more importantly with the friendly faces that have stopped by to say hello, digital or not. Since being back at home, Dave has started again with Dr. Burzynski's Antineoplaston treatment. And minus the month long hospital visit in Houston, we came home with good results from his last scan. There was close to 20 per cent reduction of his tumor! Ecstatic and joyous news we'll proceed with caution as his U.S hospitalization was due to pressure and fluid in the brain and not the tumor itself. With this in mind we'll make efforts to do what we can so that Dave can continue fighting for his ultimate goal; to regain a healthy life.

Our other priority of course is financial stability. Here the Amigos crew continue to organise fundraising events. Proceeding the Zumba event, next month's fundraiser will be 'The Amigo's Salsa Night'. It will be an evening coordinated by family and friends that helped organise last year's 'Latin BBQ in the Park'. On Saturday, August 13, you'll find us at Parkwood-Arundel Community Centre with food, music, drinks dancing and more dancing. Thanks again to the amigos involved and we're looking forward to a fun filled cultural fundraising event!

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