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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I like what you see : )

Hello friends,

As it has been many many months since we blog, I'd like to still share with everyone how things went for Dave and of course how things are going...

Towards the end of our stay at VCI in L.A; due to some incorrect weening of an anti-inflammatory drug, it made Dave more susceptible to seizures. And he had his first seizure one week before our flight. Fortunately we were able to narrow down the cause of the seizure by process of elimination. Then the seizure at LAX was an extremely scary and exhausting moment. Dave pulled through and we managed to board just before take off. It was a case of re assuring the airline and the paramedics that we had an understanding of cause and nature of the situation.

In the height of the moment we forgot about Dave's increased risk of blood clots. And after a few days home, Dave began to get a familiar chest pain. We made a trip to the hospital to discover that he had a blood clot. Possibly as a result of the flight and the unforeseeable circumstances.

On the upside and looking at Dave's progress has been steady and ongoing. He has done some more rehab and physio sessions and is now walking a whole lot more. He was picked up by the State Community Health system which provided him with a twelve week rehab program; specifically for young people with brain injuries and neurological problems. The team where very supportive of Dave in all aspects of life, and prioritized at helping him reach his short and long term goals. Going as far as and has helping him get into university. Dave was recently accepted into university for Graphic Design.

Congratulation Dave!!!

A recent scan showed a continuation of previous months results, which show slow but steady improvement. Mainly due to the work of the low-dose radiation which continues to work months after application, as well as the intravenous DMSO cancer combination.

David has progressed slowly. He had an MRI scan done recently; and there was mixed and uncertain views from the doctors here, but that is expected because they usually focus on the worst case scenario. We understand that the tumor and the build up of fluid have decreased in size. So at the moment they want to do a detailed type of MRI to find out what the other circular mass/fluid is. When we left VCI, the doctors there said it was fluid build related to the break down of the tumor. Which is great news to us. But on the other the doctors here thinks it's blood but want to confirm so as to know what step to take next in the conventional system. In the meantime we will continue to search for other means of making the tumor smaller.

Now almost six months home and we await the results of the latest scan. Until then we'll continue to search and save for the next phase of the treatment plan. Which we see as an ongoing process, dedicated to the total remission or calcification/cell death of this not so cool disease.

With love and hope


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