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Sunday, June 6, 2010


L.A Sunset Practice steps, he went on to trek the hills in the background

Sharing some wonderful news...
As of late we have been wrapping things up in L.A. David has reached the threshold for radiation to the brain. His most recent scan showed good results, as in he's responding to the treatment. From my view, being defeated in a number of close chess battles is a sure sign that he's slowly improving. Lets just say he's makin' the right moves. The next gran move will be HOME. Yes we'll be heading home very, very soon. The excitement of being once again, close to our dearest of friends and family is overwhelming. Once home the priority will be to rest, recover, relax and enjoy life. This time will also allow for the radiation to clear as it can effect the quality of his next scan, and in a few months he'll go for another. During this time the radiation we'll keep doing its thing. In the meantime he'll work on other options, mainly working on overcoming the effects of the radiation and the steroids. So plenty of cleansing and rehabilitation.
We'd like to send our warmest thanks and appreciation to the friendly staff at Valley Cancer Institute. Thank you


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