Dave's Cancer Fund

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Just recently Dave had the chance catch up and spend some much needed quality time with family. The change in routine allowed for some necessary clearing of the mind before returning to more hyperthermia and low-dose radiation treatment at VCI.

Before continuing with treatment on return Dave underwent an MRI scan to check progress on the tumor. The image report revealed that the tumor is smaller than it was three months ago. This is a very important point in Dave's journey and is a reassurance that he's doing something right. And this to us is GREAT news. While this news is a huge cause to celebrate, to which we did so by going forth and feasting in vegan cuisine, he realizes that there is still a huge task ahead of him and there is still much work to be done by him and the amigos.

Dave is constantly working on bettering himself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; all realms of being which we can say he supersedes in. At the moment he works on his drawings, artistic expression, and reading and writing to help overcome some brain fog side effects from the surgery and low-dose radiation. He is also determined on regaining his coordination and building strength to help with mobility and ultimately to be able to walk independently again. Part of our days involve day dreaming about simple passions like bmx and surfing. Dave continuously reminisces on days spent on the bmx with amigos, and looks forward to being a part of the action soon.

To sum things up, "resistance" is a word to describe the hard work being put in by Dave over the last couple of months; everyday is a struggle and he continuously strives for a better way of life. Help him with strength building and support him in any way you can...
... 'treat yourself, be happy, smile for yourself and for someone you love' ... is his message.


Our gratitude goes out to those who contributed and especially to those who worked hard on the AmigosBikeDay project.

Thanks amigos for keeping the dream alive.

Check out an amigos perspective of bike day and just some good times at http://bikerjoe.blogspot.com/

And visuals on l.a adventures check out the amigos flickr account


  1. Awesome news!!! Cannot wait for the day we can share some simple passions once again. Much love. -amigo joe.

  2. muchas gracias joe! see you soon.

  3. I await a time when we will see each other again to share moments of humor and awkward silences ( due to one too many puns). Safe journey my amigos.

    Much love