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Friday, March 26, 2010


Hello everyone!
It seems as though the Amigos have been very busy organising Bike Day. Check out the Amigos of Dave Bike Day Blog for updates and to get your hands on a TimeTable for the days events and of course your Registration forms.

Thanks amigos for your full commitment to the cause. And to everyone else involved/participating on Bike Day, Dave's says he's "ecstatic to see such a project come together with such enthusiasm, It's truly inspiring. I hope everyone is respectful of the FUNds and togetherness intended for the day"

And on behalf of the Montoya family I'd like to acknowledge everyone's contribution toward helping Dave by putting this day on, and while we can't be present, we hope the day runs smoother than vegan chocolate silk pudding.


Should have an update on Dave's tumor and treatment progress up soon.

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