Dave's Cancer Fund

Monday, March 8, 2010

'How are you?'

How are you?
More than often we're asked 'How is Dave?' 'Is the treatment working?' 'Does David feel better?' 'Is his condition improving?' 'How is Dave doing?'...This segment is dedicated to informing loved ones and supporters alike about Dave's progressing physical and emotional state of being.

For starters it's difficult to evaluate progress over such a short period, even more so considering the circumstances. It's hard to tell whether treatment has been effective, mainly because of the location and the effects of his second operation; including effecting his co-ordination, balance, speech, and physical strength.

Considering what Dave has been through over the last six months, it's extremely difficult to reach a point for him to say he has improved. That is why we focus on the healing being internal first.

You know that analogy about the one step back two forward? I see that we play in that step back stage, all while remaining optimistic about those soon to come bigger steps forward. Dave takes small steps on a daily basis. He takes baby steps forward constantly, but of course not being deterred of that all grande leap. It's extremely tiring but just as rewarding...baby steps. It is definitely glorious to be rewarded with those few joyous moments...baby steps. An inexplicable smile, a laugh, inspired by that inner peace and internal healing, baby steps. So we take it slow with baby steps forward until he is able to physically take that leap forward.

So we evaluate progress on a day to day basis. Allowing progress means understanding causes for how he feels right now compared to how he felt before starting these treatments. For example, the side effects of low-dose radiation are tiredness, fatigue and brain fog- So we take things slow. For the most part he has an exceptional appetite, and is still as witty and humorous as ever.

We do what we can to feed and guide, and Dave must take care of the rest. Knowing that at the moment Dave is being helped to get rid of this tumor. And what he is feeling now are stages chosen for the healing process. In that respect there is a Dave mind-body factor which he has to decide how and will benefit him and the rest of us can only guide or accompany him on this, his journey. Sounds poetic but it's true. If he believes it will work, then like all miracle stories, it will work.


  1. Wow. What a beautiful update. Baby steps. Those baby steps are so vital. I am so happy to hear you are cherishing them and not missing the importance of letting people know how the reality of a healing process is. Steps backwards or forwards are still steps. I feel such true strength every time I read these updates. I know from my own healing process it all felt like baby steps, there never was that grande leap. It was only every now and then when I had the relief to look back that I realised how far I had come. Even though there were always more baby steps in front of me. Precious.
    Much love Montoya's and I am glad to know the appetite is still ferocious as ever. xxx

  2. Rachel, glad you could relate. Got to embrace those baby steps, the appetite and of course the forward thinking. And thanks for sharing.
    Dave & Daniel