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Thursday, February 18, 2010

For Dave...

For Dave...

...traveling to the U.S for treatment was always spoken about, and finally knowing he was going was exciting but on the same token sad because of course I was going to miss him dearly. So I easily decided to make the journey across the Pacific to be with him for extra support and smiles.

Flying into the “milder” US winter has been nothing short of beautiful. Just like Ashley, I didn’t know what to expect and to walk into his arms in Tulsa made me tear with excitement. Seeing the physical change in Dave over the last couple of months has been inspiring. And while his day to day energy is there, he does get tired and exhausted. His second round of DMSO treatments were exhausting and now the low-dose radiotherapy treatments are even more so. Restless sleeps weren't helping either. However, as I look at him and into his eyes I still see the calm and loving Dave determined to get through this - and that makes me smile.

There are no words that describe the Montoya brother’s relationship. Being at the hip with them the last month has been amazing. Some highlights include sharing some amazing vegan food, and taste testing Dan's culinary creations. His administration, organising, coordinating, researching, comforting and smiling just blows me away. Oh my God! And they work so well together; at tackling this difficult part of their lives, it's just amazing! WOW! It actually brings a tear to my eye.

The energy needed to do this full time is not easy and I have honestly felt a little lost on what I should be doing. But I guess chilling, talking, laughing and being silly with Dave is maybe what I am here for.

From now I only have a few days left here and I can tell you tears have already started. It will be hard leaving, but knowing why Dave is here makes me smile and cool with this. Being apart from each other has and will be tough as we both feed so much energy off each other. Simply being here when times have been heavy has made them feel easier, so I am not sure what to expect when I leave.

On that note here is a quote by Edward Abbey which Dave has given me on numerous occasions, it has lifted me up and put me back on track:

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds”.

Dave, I am with you through this.

Naomi E.

Ma timila maya garchu

Just one of our memories together: hanging out on the corner by the clinic, observing the world go by. And being able to enjoy moments like this one was very special to Dave and myself. Thanks Naomi for sharing this with us and for contributing to the blog. Yesterday we saw a guy on a tandem bike with two dogs on the back seat in a basket.. classic.

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