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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Grateful Crusaders!

Thus far we've been fortunate to receive some local help from our Tulsa friends. Our major contributor in Tulsa, Lindsay, has helped us out with accommodation, transport and food... Thank you Lindsay!
In the background is Loren's cozy house, which she has kindly rented to us for a very affordable rate. Thank you Loren.
In the foreground is Lindsay's car, Beverley. Beverley and Lindsay get Dave and myself to and from Camelot Clinic every day. Thank you Beverley.
They have made this stage of the journey a little easier and all the more memorable.
To our lovely, helpful friends in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who have been so kind as to help us with this stage of Dave's treatment. Thank you.

Due to a snow storm we spent all of Christmas Day indoors with our Tulsa friend, Lindsay. The six and half inches of snow actually made national news. We later found out they had closed the whole state and had advised people to stay indoors. Which wasn't a bad idea, seeing as it was well below freezing outside...Merry Christmas!

Here is a little sneak peak at few of the clinic crusaders during mid treatment conversation... just a group a friendly people thinking outside of the cancer treatment box.
Sean, far right, makes regular posts on his experiences at Camelot Cancer Care. Check out Seans Cancer Journey for his daily updates.

Without knowing how things are going with progress of treatment we're just hanging in there, hoping for the best and taking on all the good vibes coming our way. They say healing comes in stages, at this stage we're putting our confidence in the DMSO protocol used at Camelot.

Overall it's a tough journey, and some of the decisions cancer patients and their families make are difficult, to say the least. However the decision to live is one that remains true during this whole process. It brings an energy and will that's indescribable. They include moments like the one in the photo below. Where by being in an environment with like-minded people with similar life experiences and more importantly... 'A love of life and a super human will to live' is something special.



  1. Hey lads..

    Maybe you've already checked this out but I came across this brilliant but simple fundraising idea the other night... If you google 'text for ten' plenty of links pop up...

    The concept is to initiate a text message movement by coming up with a message that explains the deal (and directs them to here) to as many people as you know (could start with whole contact lists of the people kicking it off) appealing for a ten dollar donation and asking that they then forward the message on to ten people they know.

    The premise of the concept is that a little help from everyone adds up to a lot and even for those who can't spare the money, they can spread the goodwill and a wish of hope by forwarding the message on to others and helping to raise awareness of a very worthy cause.

    Even if only a few people you messaged, forwarded the message on, it could fan out exponentially and reach people near and far, who might be willing and able to dig into their pockets (especially, once they see this blog and how private and straightforward it is to make a donation online and from anywhere).

    Thought it was a beautiful, utopian way to spread the word and I wonder if it could work or something of the like, to give a nice plug to what you've already set up on here. No doubt, there'd be people out there this blog could really benefit and give hope to as well...

    Anyway, food for thought. Happy New Year!

    Cheers, anna

  2. hey dave (and dan),

    I really like that 2nd photo.
    All the three other people in the photo look so intent on what you're saying dave. Good times :)
    feliz año nuevo para los dos.