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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cancer Crusade!

How are things in Australia,
We're currently in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Dave is at day 5 of a 20 day treatment at Camelot Cancer Care. The place actually has a medieval theme to it. It's kinda weird but it actually makes sense. Camelot: the place associated with glittering romance and optimism. Its a genuine trait of the people and the place. And to have dedicated, friendly, caring people look after Dave is even more reassuring. It's the sort of care and attention you don't really get at your regular medical facility.

Aside from the decor the assurance is granted in the positive results and experience they have had with treating cancer patients... especially brain cancers. They combine treatments that will be most effective for his condition. More importantly the treatments they offer are aimed specifically at stopping and breaking down the cancer. It's a real crusade against cancer, against the politics involved in cancer treatment, and a crusade against our traditional notions of healing and medicine. They do this under continuous scrutiny from government bodies that consider Camelot a threat to business and a threat to modern medicine. However, being here, we know for sure that this is the new path for modern medicine.

We're here and we're going to do as much as we possibly can do make this work. A crusade: a campaign against cancer that goes against the dominating forces of conventional cancer care.

So rest assured crusaders, we will prevail!

For keen contributors, we need as much help as possible for the next stage of this crusade which will take place at Valley Cancer Institute mid January.

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