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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Support a Friend

Dear Friend,
Things have been rough these last few weeks. It appears as though we've hit rock bottom and now we're trying to swim to the surface. For David, the treatment has caused some swelling. The effects of which we have been treating and dealing with. However, two weeks ago, it all culminated to Dave's hospitalization. And three days before an early scheduled flight home too. But better something like this happen here than during travel. We have since re-scheduled our return flights according to the healing progress. In all it is a set back which was quite serious and dangerous.

Dave has been in hospital these last two weeks and has been making a steady recovery. The team at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston Texas are taking extremely good care of him and are doing everything in their power to help us get home. Ultimately, Dave is faced with a lot of hard work. Among the challenges, is building up the strength to endure the journey home, as well as continuing to fight for his life.

At the moment, with your support, I'm doing my best to ensure Dave maintain a healthy state of mind; encouragement, humor, love, and as much support as humanly and spiritually possible.

Everyday we are faced with challenges and everyday we decide to approach these with the light of our enduring love... a love for life and a determination to overcome adversity. It's at these breaking points that we have got to be at our strongest. Here we find ourselves coming closer together, and growing stronger together. Here we seek strength within and seek support without. In saying this, we continue to find the courage to be hopeful in times of despair, and we find this hope in the beauty of the people we love and in love itself.
Thank you for your words and efforts of encouragement and support and I hope you find these words reciprocal in nature.

Love your Friend and Brother,

Another Amigos of Dave Clip
by Noami Edwards

Amigos of Dave

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