Dave's Cancer Fund

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Peep an Update

For all who are anxious, the results from the PET scan are positive: 'Minimal glucose intake' means that the tumor is still low grade. And since this is his first PET scan they've assured us that the results are positive.

Almost halfway through the second round, and Dave is doing well. He recently experienced what we know to be called the Herxheimer reaction: which means he's showing signs of a positive response to the treatment (DMSO, glucose, laetrile, and Vit C). Herxheimer is linked with Tumor necrosis factor and is a sign that we are on the right track.

After a week of waiting, Kermit, our green 92 camry was returned to us from the workshop. Thanks to this, we were able to begin our journey westward to L.A. Now with everything crossed but our eyes, we're hoping that Kermit will keep strong.

At the moment Valley Cancer Institute are awaiting our arrival and they are keen as mustard to help us see this tumor gone. And with there method, experience and success rate we're just as keen to get there.


  1. Great stuff guys. thanks for the updates! thinking of yas!


  2. Hey Daniel,

    Apparently we just missed you and Dave at Camelot. I had been following your blog since before we arrived. My wife Christine has the same exact tumor as Dave so it would have been nice to meet. Can you e-mail me at dcferri@optonline.net? I would like to talk about the treatments you are seeking as I am intrested in those methods for my wife. Thanks and good luck on your journet Westward!

  3. Such great news fella's.

    Stay strong kermit!!!