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Friday, January 8, 2010

A New Chapter

Dave finishes the first round of the DMSO protocol today which is the cancer treatment provided by Camelot Cancer Clinic. After this he is booked in for a PET scan on Monday January 11. The PET scan will show a more precise view of cancer cell activity and due to its high cost ($1,500 USD) this type of scan is not common practice for cancer patients, especially in Australia.

Our hope is that Dave is reacting positively to the Camelot protocol. In the meantime we've arranged to take a second round of DMSO treatment with us. The idea of this is to keep the momentum going to increase it's effectiveness. We will take this with us all the way to Valley Cancer Institute in Los Angeles.

Thankfully, both the take home treatment and the PET scan were helped paid for with the donations made through amigosofdave.blogspot.

Hyperthermia method which is not available in Australia... yet uses ultrasound with low-dose radiation to effectively treat cancer. It makes the radiotherapy three and up to four times more effective than standard radiation and has little to no side effects.
In the U.S, hyperthermia with low-dose radiation is an approved fourth modality in terms of cancer treatment (just after radiation, chemotherapy and surgery), which means it is covered by insurance and medicare.
Considering Dave is a U.S citizen, we tried to get U.S Medicare to help with covering the costs. However, for David this treatment will neither bevcovered by U.S or Australian medicare. because he doesn't meet U.S Medicare criteria. As a result we are now having to seriously reconsidering a financial situation.

Unfortunately the costs are going to be a major barrier for David receiving treatment with continuity. They will be USD $3,000 a week and treatment will go for 8-10 weeks. So that will be an estimated USD $30,000 just for treatment.
We're also having to cover accommodation and living expenses. Our concern is that our economic situation will not get in the way of David receiving the necessary treatment at Valley Cancer Institute.

The financial and huge health costs are dwindle in comparison to those incurred by other conventional treatments, which only offer palliative treatment. And that is also considering the quality of life debate.

We're hoping this generosity will continue... continue so that treatment for David's brain cancer doesn't have to be held off due to financial reasons.

To cover the initial costs of treatment our parents are taking an advance on the mortgage. They're also waiting for the sale of the house to close, which will help cover ongoing treatment and other living and medical expenses. Until then we will continue with the DMSO mix.

We've spoken with VCI and they are optimistic that they can help Dave, and that they would treat him with curative intent... They have also recognised our economic situation and have taken a considerable amount off the original cost. We are extremely grateful for the generous discount.

Please have look at the hyperthermia links for info on effectiveness of treatment. And if you feel you can't help us... then at least educate yourself on options that you might seriously have to consider one day.

- Thanking everyone-


  1. good luck guys! i hope everything goes well for you. will keep checking back for progress.

  2. Hey Guys, Hope all is progressing positively, Do you have an email address I can contact you guys on, as you know I work for a pharmaceutical company and I have access to a global list of clinical trials that are recruiting in this space. I would like to share it with you. Also if there is any clinical data on treatments you would like me to investigate on your behalf I would be more than happy to help, anything I can do, Just Ask.

    Cheers and good luck,

    Andy (mancandy) andrew.alan.thomas@gmail.com

  3. Thanks guys for the support.
    Andy, you can get me on
    I'll talk to Dave about the clinical trials stuff and I'll get back at you via email.
    grandes gracias