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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Just to clarify a few points about the creation of Amigos of Dave. Consider it a sort of introduction to an interconnecting spiral of information, friends, organizations, and individuals who generate positive attitudes, and contribute in supporting Dave and his cause.

His cause you ask? well as difficult of a topic as it may seem, trying to understand the magnitude of brain cancer, or any cancer for that manner... knowing a little about the situation is a step in the right direction. I believe knowledge and understanding ease the mind and aid in putting things into perspective. It also helps overcome difficult situations like this one.

In other words, if your a friend of Dave's and you're not exactly sure what to think or say, then check out some of the links. Have a browse, google some terms, ask some questions, share your concerns. Learning is meant to be fun and inspiring right? or at least generate some awareness and eventually some action.

The cause of action changes with everyone. For Dave it has lead him to an almighty Everest of a challenge... that of HEALING and being cancer free. As many of you may know this continues to be Dave's mission. He is constantly learning and applying himself to HEALING.

At the moment Dave is entering a stage in his life which requires as much support and energy as possible. Support which will help him realise his goals of making it to specialist cancer clinics abroad. To clinics that will provide integrative approach to cancer treatment. If you didn't get a chance to buy a raffle ticket but still want to help out you can by donating. Or even better, if you have any ideas on how to raise some money for Dave we're open to suggestions. I hope the Amigos of Dave will facilitate friendly contributions and collaborations.
Grand and grateful... daniel

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