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Monday, December 7, 2009

Convalescent Mind

David is well and strong. He's been making good progress, keeping pro-active and positive in a zenned out kind of way. He's walking a whole lot more, is clear of mind and is determined to overcome this. This attitude definitely rubs off and helps in keeping the healing flow focused and consistent.
The next stage of this process is making it to clinics in the U.S.A. And being well enough to travel means we've been able to confirm a departure date and thus be able to initiate treatment. We leave for the U.S.A on Sunday the 13th of December, to be received by the specialists at Valley Cancer Institute and Camelot Cancer Care. The contributions and the continuing support shall not go unrecognized... and to all the efforts that continue to make realizing Dave's goals ever so attainable, THANK YOU!

So a grand personal thank you from David and the Montoya family.

mucho love
brotherdaniel and family

For those interested I came across some recent news articles on Hyperthermia therapy advocacy in Australia. It's reassuring to see that there is a push for hyperthermia to be introduced into Australia. So we're going to do what we can to support Jenny Barlow. Accessing treatments such as hyperthermia, which is less toxic, is proven, and is most effective when combined with other treatments, should be seriously considered as an option in Australia. Because we should have that option!
Here are some links on Hyperthermia advocacy work by Jenny Barlow: radiowavebarlow.com, ManningRiverTimes and NortherDailyReader. For more info on hyperthermia check out Cancer-Decisions.com

For more info on DMSO (what they use at Camelot Cancer Care)- DMSO.org has some informative articles.

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