Dave's Cancer Fund

Friday, November 27, 2009

About Dave

Here is a little intro on Dave by the team down at Morrison Media

Dave Montoya is an awesome young bloke with a sharp, quiet wit, and a consideration for others far beyond his 23 years, He’s a gifted artist and photographer who’s worked as a graphic designer at Morrison Media for the last four years. He’s a keen surfer, loves all things natural and leads the healthiest of lifestyles.

For the last two years, Dave’s been living with a Brain Tumor. He’s currently recovering from his second operation, and is now preparing for further treatment options. Among Dave’s options are some specialist cancer clinics in the United States offering treatments not available in Australia.

We want to raise funds to give Dave the choice and access to the best options for treatment, and also to help him pay life’s ongoing bills and expenses.

So we thought we'd run a good old-fashioned raffle.
We hope you can help us to help Dave win the fight of his life!

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